LPG Vessel Management

With over 25 years of experience in managing LPG vessels, we are the specialist in LPG vessel management.

WSM has a strong track record in management of various types of LPG vessels.

LPG vessels managed by WSM are maintained to the highest standards by our in-house team of LPG experts, driven by the aim for greater operating efficiency and commercial success without compromising on safety and quality. 

Our updated Tanker Management & Self-Assessment (TMSA) is reviewed by various oil majors. We strive to maintain excellence in our vessel performance SIRE inspections. As a progressive ship manager, we adopt the mindset to continuously improve in our processes and systems to create a safe and efficient environment onboard that supports our crew.

Our LPG experts also provide value added specialized services for:

  • Safe and efficient loading of LPG coolant in different scenarios
  • Terminal vetting of newly launched and unfamiliar LPG terminals
  • Preparation of vetting inspections by continuous engagement with ship staff and also by conducting pre-vetting sailing visits
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WSM is a full member of the Society of International 气体 Tanker and Terminal Operators Ltd. (SIGTTO), working together with the largest industry players to implement best practices across the gas shipping and terminal industries.

As part of The Society For 气体 as a Marine Fuel (SGMF), we join forces with other members to encourage the safe and responsible operations of vessels using LNG as fuel and promoting marine activities relating to the supply of LNG used for fuel.

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